Prozessspezifische Aufgabenzuordnung im MRK-System

Automatisierung der flexiblen Handhabung schmiedewarmer Tailored Forming Bauteile

Kategorien Konferenz
Jahr 2022
Autoren Ince, C.-V.; Raatz A.
Veröffentlicht in In: Bertram, T.; Corves, B.; Janschek, K.; Rinderknecht, S. (Eds.): Fachtagung Mechatronik 2022. Darmstadt : VDI, 2022, S. 7-12

Universal grippers are flexible and can adapt to different situations and objects. The shape variability has limitations, for example, the temperature. For manufacturing such shape variable grippers, elastic polymer materials are used. The material has an upper limit of the operating temperature of 300 °C. In the forging sector, the manufactured object change their geometry during the process and reaches temperature up 1250 °C. Here, we see the potential of the utilization of shape variable grippers. Therefore, we developed a system that overcomes the gap between the temperature limitation of current shape variable grippers and the high temperature in forging environments. This paper presents our gripper and the task to be solved in future works.

DOI 10.15488/13558