Form-flexible Handling Technology for Automated Preforming

Form-flexible Handling Technology for Automated Preforming

Kategorien Konferenz (reviewed)
Jahr 2013
Autoren Löchte, C.; Kunz, H.; Schnurr, R.; Dietrich, F.; Raatz, A.; Dilger, K.; Dröder, K.
Veröffentlicht in 19th international Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM19), Montreal, Canada, 2013, e-proceedings

Producing composite components for automotive applications using the RTM technology still faces challenges. This paper focuses challenges that occur during the performing. Coming from handling technology, preforming is one of the remaining automation challenges in the RTM process chain. To face these challenges this paper suggests a concept for a form-flexible handling technology, in the paper called FormHand. Further, this paper describes the application of this concept, looks at key aspects of the built-up phase and discusses test results with a first prototype. This prototype, as a proof of concept, already validates the features of the proposed concept. After a summary this paper discusses future research field according to the concept of Form¬Hand.

ISBN 978-0-9696797-1-4