An Overview of Novel Actuators for Soft Robotics

Form-flexible Handling Technology (FormHand) for Automation in RTM preforming

Categories Konferenz
Year 2013
Authors Löchte, C.; Kunz, H.; Dietrich, F.; Raatz, A.; Fischer, F.; Dröder, K.
Published in 7th international CFK-Convention, Stade, Germany, 2013, pp. 37-43

This article introduces a prototype of a form-flexible handling technology (FormHand) which aims at the automated production of RTM preforms. The authors describe the basic design principles and related experimental results of the application of FormHand. Special focus is on the integration of heating technologies into the gripping module. This integration of functionalities allows FormHand the production of complex preforms. This article also discusses future work related to FormHand.