Failure Mode Based Design and Optimization of the Electrode Packaging Process for Large Scale Battery Cells

Modeling and Simulation of a New Parallel Robot Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Categories Konferenz
Year 2008
Authors Pisla, D.; Vaida, C.; Plitea, N.; Hesselbach, J.; Raatz, A.; Simnofske, M.; Burisch, A.
Published in Fifth International Conference on Informatics on Control, Automation and Robotics (Icinco), Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, 2008, 194-201

Surgery is one of the fields where robots have been introduced due to their positioning accuracy which exceed the human capabilities. Parallel robots offer higher stiffness and smaller mobile mass than serial ones, thus allowing faster and more precise manipulations that fit medical applications. In the paper is presented the modeling and simulation of a new parallel robot, based on an innovative structure, used in minimally invasive surgery. The parallel architecture has been chosen for its superiority in precision, repeatability, stiffness, higher speeds and occupied volume. The robot kinematics, singular position identification and workspace generation are illustrated. Using the developed virtual model of the parallel robot, some simulation tests are presented.

ISBN 978-989-8111-31-9
DOI 10.5220/0001500201940201