Design process for adaptronic machine tools

Design process for adaptronic machine tools

Categories Journals (reviewed)
Year 2009
Authors Simnofske, Marc; Raatz, Annika; Hesselbach, Jürgen
Published In in: Production Engineering (Online), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg (, 2009, Vol. 3, Nr. 4 (2009), 461 ff.

'A consistent goal in machine tool construction is to enhance the accuracy while increasing productivity. These two design parameters are negatively coupled. Increasing the machine dynamic is realized by increasing the engine power or with a lightweight design. As the engine power grows, so do the forces generated, which then lead to static deformations and excite the structure, leading to vibrations. Within the scope of this paper, the adaptronic framework has been adapted to machine tools. The development of such an adaptronic machine tool is no trivial task, as it requires an extensive knowledge overhead across a number of different scientific fields. Though these fields are interrelated, a methodical approach which takes advantage of a standard component is presented. This approach allows the interdisciplinary knowledge barriers to be overcome. '