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Adaptive aerodynamic part feeding enabled by genetic algorithm

Adaptive aerodynamic part feeding enabled by genetic algorithm

Categories Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Year 2022
Authors Blankemeyer, S.; Kolditz, T.; Busch, J.; Seitz, M.; Nyhuis, P.; Raatz, A.
Published in Production Engineering res. Devel. 16, pp. 1-8 (8 Seiten)

Aerodynamic feeding systems represent one possibility to meet the challenges of part feeding for automated production in terms of feeding performance and flexibility. The aerodynamic feeding system investigated in this article is already able to adapt itself to different workpieces using a genetic algorithm. However, due to the operating principle, the system is susceptible to changes in environmental conditions such as air pressure and pollution (e.g. dust). To minimise the effect of ambient influences, the system must be enabled to detect changes in the feeding rate and react autonomously by adapting the system’s adjustment parameters. In this work, based on pre-identified factors interfering with the aerodynamic orientation process, a new approach is developed to react to changes of the ambient conditions during operation. The presented approach makes us of an alternating sequence of monitoring and corrective algorithms. The monitoring algorithm measures the ratio of correctly oriented parts to the total number of fed parts of the process and triggers the corrective algorithm if necessary. Simulated and experimental results both show that an increased feeding rate can be achieved in varying conditions. Furthermore, it is shown that integrating both known process and parameter information can reduce the time for re-parametrisation of the feeding system.

DOI 10.1007/s11740-021-01076-w