Concepts for Hybrid Micro Assembly using Hot Melt Joining

Concepts for Hybrid Micro Assembly using Hot Melt Joining

Categories Konferenz (reviewed)
Year 2008
Authors Rathmann, S.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.
Published in Fourth International Precision Assembly Seminar (IPAS'2008), Springer Verlag, Boston, Chamonix, Frankreich, 2008, pp. 161-169

Nowadays, the production of 3D MEMS and MOEMS is carried out by using hybrid integration of single components, for which batch production is normally preferred. In this field, adhesive technology is one of the major joining techniques. At the Collaboration Research Center 516, a batch process based on a joining technique which uses hot melt adhesives was developed. This technique allows the coating of micro components with hot melt in a batch. The coating process is followed by the joining process. Due to this, the time between coating and joining can be designed variably. Because of the short set times of hot melt adhesives, short joining times are possible. For this assembly process adapted heat management is necessary. This paper presents adapted heating management concepts and gripping systems which allow a fast and accurate assembly of hybrid micro systems with hot melt coated components. Therefore, the chosen gripping system depends on the process and heat management concept as well as the thermal properties of the components. Furthermore, the simulative and experimental results of the heat management concepts will be discussed.

ISBN 978-0-387-77402-2
DOI 10.1007/978-0-387-77405-3_15