Vorrichtung zum Halten und/oder Verformen eines Objektes sowie Verfahren zum Verformen eines Objektes (Device for e.g. deforming fabric during industrial and/or logistic process, has low pressure sources provided to exert suction force on object when contact surface is arranged at surface of object)

Adapted task configuration of a reconfigurable binary parallel robot with PRRRP structure

Kategorien Zeitschriften/Aufsätze (reviewed)
Jahr 2012
Autoren Schütz, D.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.
Veröffentlicht in in: Robotica, Cambridge University Press, 2012

Binary-actuated robots offer a discrete workspace with the advantage that no feedback control is needed, as their actuators have two mechanical end-positions. This contribution focuses on a planar parallel robot with a PRRRP structure and driven by rodless pneumatic cylinders. Thus, the robot's workspace only features four destination points, which can be reached quickly and with high repeatability. Because of the fact that there is no possibility to reach in discrete points, an adapted task configuration is essential. The objective of this work is to establish and validate a synthesis and calibration technique for binary parallel robots with a PRRRP structure.

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