Dynamic Reconfiguration of Parallel Mechanisms

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Parallel Mechanisms

Kategorien Konferenz
Jahr 2010
Autoren Schmitt, J.; Inkermann, D.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.; Vietor, T.
Veröffentlicht in New Trends in Mechanism Science - Analysis and Design, EUCOMES - European Conference on Mechanism Design, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien, 2010, pp. 557-565

Shorter product life cycle as well as higher product complexity and diversity require more flexible manufacturing systems. Dynamic reconfiguration is a time efficient way to adapt system properties to rapidly changing process requirements. The potential to reconfigure parallel mechanisms depends on specific and optimized machine components, which enable modification of kinematic behaviour of the system. In this contribution influence of several component parameters on system properties and the needs to develop more suitable machine components are highlighted. Furthermore, a possibility to adapt kinematic properties of a planar RRRRR-mechanism, using an adaptive revolute joint, is introduced.

ISBN 978-90-481-9688-3
DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-9689-0_64