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12. Juli 2018: Vortrag Astrid Nieße, Lambert Heller zu den Möglichkeiten von Blockchain-Technologien

12 July 2018: Lecture by Astrid Nieße, Lambert Heller on the possibilities of blockchain technologies

In the second lecture of "PZH Zukunftslabor Produktion und Gesellschaft 2018" Astrid Nieße, Professor of Energy Informatics at Leibniz Universität, and Lambert Heller, Head of the Open Science Lab at TIB Hannover, will show on 12 July at 3 pm that Blockchain is more than the technology behind Bitcoins.

In their joint lecture: "Using the blockchain to distribute energy, liberate knowledge - and simplify production" they explore some of the many new possibilities of blockchain technologies. Professor Nieße''s research will focus on the possibilities of using blockchain technologies in energy systems and will report on her experiences with blockchain in connection with factory automation. Lambert Heller examines how Blockchain can be used to organize scientific publishing more openly and efficiently. He also refers to complaints by scientists about intransparency and susceptibility to influence in the system of self-control of science; he presents how these problems can be countered with "Cryptoeconomics". What will change with the new technologies? In which areas will production scientists have to reckon with blockchain technologies in the future - or will they even actively introduce them themselves? The discussion with the two speakers will also bring facts and ideas to the table.

The Series "Future Lab: Production and Society"

As early as May, Christoph Herrmann, Professor of "Sustainable Production and Life Cycle Engineering" and Head of the Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology at the Technical University of Braunschweig, spoke about changes in the normative model of "sustainable development" towards absolute sustainability oriented towards planetary boundaries. In the third event in the series for 2018, Simon Berkler will talk about "change, complexity, good work" on 2 October. Berkler, managing director and co-founder of TheDive in Berlin, accompanies large manufacturing companies on their way into a different working culture.

Further information about the Future Lab and the dates 2018 on the page productionandsociety.
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