match Profile

The Institute of Assembly Technology and Robotics (match) was founded in 2013, when Annika Raatz was appointed for professorship. It is one of eight institutes that make up the Centre of Production Technology in Hannover (PZH). At match, pioneering research is being done on automated and robot-assisted assembly and handling in production processes.

As an essential part of the value chain depicted at the PZH, match completes the processchain by representing assembly technology. The scentific work of the institute can be summarised in four fields of research:

  • Robot-assisted Assembly and Handling Processes
  • Machine Concepts und System Integration
  • Development and Optimisation of Handling and Assembly Processes
  • Intelligent Machine Components based on Smart Materials

In a variety of cooperations, our staff is invested in working on solutions for the challenges of the modern industry. In addition, the team emphasises modern concepts and methods in teaching, allowing for the implementation of basic theoretical knowledge in the many practical oriented projects and modules for students.

Photo Gallery

Night of Mechanical Engineering 2015

Collaborative object transport
Bachelor Project LEGO-Robot

3D printing with mobile robots
Kick Off Spp 2019

Enormous - a functional model for deep-sea robotics