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2 October, 2018: How can good work, meaning and profit be combined? Lecture in the Future Lab of the PZH

2 October, 2018: How can good work, meaning and profit be combined? Lecture in the Future Lab of the PZH

"Change, complexity, good work" - this is the title of the third lecture in 2018 of the "Future Lab: Production and Society" of the PZH, which since 2016 has been illuminating the decisive non-technical facets of future-compatible production. Dr. Simon Berkler, managing director and co-founder of TheDive, Berlin, will be the guest.

Among other things, Berkler accompanies large manufacturing companies on their way to a different work culture. In many organizations, TheDive''s "Curators of Change" encounter "complexity that can no longer be mastered, constantly increasing speeds with ever decreasing power development, business models that no longer keep pace with the dynamics of change, and the idea that a sensible company is not just about increasing sales and profits from year to year". Berkler will report to the PZH on how positive changes can result from such an idea. <br />The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 2 October 2018, 3 p.m. in the PZH auditorium in Garbsen and is open to the public. External guests are very welcome.

The Series "Future Lab: Production and Society"

Already in May, Christoph Herrmann, Professor for "Sustainable Production and Life Cycle Engineering" and Head of the Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology at the TU Braunschweig, spoke about changes in the normative model of "sustainable development" towards absolute sustainability oriented towards planetary borders.

In July, Astrid Nieße, Professor of Energy Informatics, and Lambert Heller, OpenScienceLab of the TIB, both Leibniz University, outlined the possibilities of blockchain technologies in the second event of the series for 2018. This presentation is available as a video recording.
Further information about the Zukunftslabor and the past events can be found on the page produktionundgesellschaft. All lectures are addressed to the PZH staff in the first instance, but guests are expressly welcome!