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12. März 2019: Industriekolloquium zum Transregio Blechmassivumformung im PZH

March 12, 2019: Industrial Colloquium on Transregio “Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming” at the PZH

Together with four other institutes of the Hannover site, including the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools and the Institute of Materials Science, both also located at PZH, the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines (IFUM) organizes the third industrial colloquium of the Transregio 73, Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming, at the PZH on March 12, 2019. In addition to Leibniz Universität Hannover, the TU Dortmund and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg are participating in this Transregio. Scientists and industrial partners will present their results and opportunities of implementation.

Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming combines the advantages of sheet metal forming and forging. In cold forging processes, the material solidifies during the forming process. Surface qualities suitable as functional surfaces are created on near-net-shape components. Sheet metal forming also enables flat components to be formed. Both have in common a high output rate of workpieces. The scientific activities in the research network have the aim to exploit the potential of function integration and complexity of mechanical components to be manufactured from sheet materials. The increase in component functionality results both from geometric complexity and from improved mechanical properties. The cooperation pursues the vision of manufacturing demanding components in large quantities. Numerical imaging quality is also of particular interest. Registration and current information are available at