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Soft Material Robotic Systems

Soft Material Robotic Systems

Team:  Ditzia Susana Garcia Morales, Serhat Ibrahim, Mats Wiese, Jan Peters
Year:  2019
Sponsors:  DFG Priority Programme
Lifespan:  6 years

In the research area of Soft Material Robotic Systems (SMRS) we deal with robot structures made of soft and flexible materials, which - in contrast to their counterparts made of hard materials such as steel or aluminium - are inherently safe in direct contact with humans. SMRS are for example predestined for use in collaborative assembly systems, where humans and robots move and interact in the same workspace.

In our research, we are focusing on the question of how these advantages can be exploited in the future. Increased flexibility also comes with new challenges for the design, modeling and control of soft robot systems. Within the DFG Priority Programme "Soft Material Robotic Systems" (SPP 2100), the twelve research groups involved throughout Germany have different focuses in their projects. The approved projects range from design of soft actuator systems and modelling of soft components to control and sensor technology for soft robot systems. An important feature of a priority programme is the exchange between the individual projects and the cooperation between them. Within the framework of the Priority Programme Soft Material Robotic Systems we as the speaker institute are responsible for the coordination. This includes, for example, the organization of regular meetings and workshops with the participating research groups. The aim is to create a pool of methods, models, concepts and data within the programme so that the projects can use them in their research. We at match also represent the programme in public within the coordination project. In this context we have set up a website for the SPP Soft Material Robotic Systems, where interested parties can find further information (