Active tool holding device

Team:  Alexander Boldering
Year:  2011
Funding:  DFG
Is Finished:  yes

This project was carried out by the Institute of Assembly Technology and the Institute of  Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology at the TU Braunschweig.

Project description 

The aim of this research project is to increase the productivity of machine tools with rotating tool holders by actively influencing the machine structure. The limiting factor for the performance of a machine tool is its dynamic and static behaviour. If machine tools are operated in the limit ranges, unwanted machine vibrations can occur. These lead to either the machining of the workpieces not being able to be completed or parameter values (feed, speed, etc.) being selected that do not utilise the full machine performance.

Within the scope of this project, an active tool holder for machines with rotating tool holders is to be developed and the integration of the tool holder into the overall system of the machine is to be significantly simplified through an automated controller design.

The active tool holder replaces the already existing tool holder and with the help of this, occurring vibrations are to be compensated. The entire actuator and sensor technology required for vibration reduction is integrated in the active tool holder. This means that there is no need for the measuring device to be mounted externally, which may be impaired by the rough process environment or the available installation space, or even have a negative effect on the machine's working space.

To simplify the transferability and implementation of the active tool holder in other machines, an automated controller design is also being developed. For this purpose, a method is being developed that allows an automated identification with subsequent design of different control concepts to be carried out with the help of the developed active tool holder. The project simplifies the integration of active modules into existing or newly developed machine structures and represents a possible platform for future adaptronic projects.