Institute of Assembly Technology and Robotics Research Finalised Projects
Methods for automation of handling processes under cryogenic conditions

Methods for automation of handling processes under cryogenic conditions

Team:  Philipp Jahn
Year:  2017
Funding:  DFG
Is Finished:  yes

The project addresses the automation of handling processes in biobanks in the field of cryopreservation (from -130°C to -196°C).

Possible benefits are the opportunity to prevent contact with biological materials or the cooling medium which ensure human safety. Automation will additionally prevent confusing stored samples or damaging the organic materials due to varying temperatures during the manual process. The latter is a crucial fact to improve the storability of such materials. Generally, automation is efficiency raising, it improves the repeatability and speeds up the handling operation, as well. In the light of cryogenic conditions and an applied robot system therein, the advantageous characteristics of parallel robots emerge. Their kinematic structure allows separating the motors from the cryogenic environment so that the motors as well as the control unit of the robot system can remain at room temperature whereas its mobile platform is located inside the cryogenic area. The platform is connected to the motors with two or more linkages using passive flexure hinges.

The aim of our research are methods for the design and characterisation of the flexure hinges as well as the development of heating concepts to control their deformation characteristics at cryogenic temperature.