Institute of Assembly Technology and Robotics Research Finalised Projects
ProVorPlus (Functionally integrated process technology for preassembly and component manufacturing of FRP metal hybrids)

ProVorPlus (Functionally integrated process technology for preassembly and component manufacturing of FRP metal hybrids)

Team:  Christopher Bruns
Year:  2015
Funding:  BMBF
Is Finished:  yes
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In order to increase the economic potential of fiber-reinforced plastic-based lightweight construction, the production of components with component integrated hybridization is appreciated. Different materials with different properties are combined to form a single component, which enables the functionalization (mechanical, thermal and electrical) of the individual materials.

The approach of component integrated hybridisation goes hand in hand with the need to develop appropriate production technologies, which enable corresponding component complexities (e. g. for load path-compliant construction) to be produced automatically and efficiently in a continuous process chain. Due to the mostly material and component specific manufacturing technologies, the production of shell-shaped components in a multi-material mix with the currently available processes, plant and tool technologies is not economical. For the use of component integrated hybridization, process chains are required that go beyond the previously material-specific system concepts and ensure a high degree of automation.

The core idea of the ProVorPlus joint project is the production of shell-shaped fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-metal-hybrid components by using complex hybrid preforms, which are assembled in a preassembly step using a function-integrated handling and joining technology consisting of simple (preconsolidated) fiber and metal semi-finished products and then processed in a component manufacturing process using forming processes. The joint project is carried out within the framework of the research campus "Open Hybrid LabFactory e. V.".

For this reason, we are researching new gripping principles and process routes that enable safe and efficient handling and packaging of a fiber-reinforced metal preforms.

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