An Overview of Novel Actuators for Soft Robotics

Vibration Reduction in a Grinding Machine Based on Active Modules

Categories Konferenz
Year 2007
Authors Simnofske, M.; Queiroz, E.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.; Hoffmeister, H.-W.
Published in Adaptronic Congress, Göttingen, 2007

The dynamic stiffness of a grinding machine influences the process stability enormously. Among other facts the stability of the grinding process is affected by influences such as the specification of the grinding wheel, the condition of the workpiece, and machine parameters. Unfavourable combi-nations of these lead to chatter vibrations of the machine and chatter marks on the workpiece. This paper presents the results of experimental and theoretical investigations on the vibration behaviour of a grinding machine and the design of active modules. These modules are implemented in the structure of the machine to minimize the vibrations and additionally increase the static stiffness of the machine. After modelling the dynamic behaviour, a control concept is presented with the objec-tive to suppress actively the vibration of the machine.