Roboterkomponenten für den kryogenen Arbeitsraum: Entwicklung von Festkörpergelenken und monolithischen Greifersystemen für eine Parallelroboterstruktur

Nonlinear model-based control architecture for antagonistic pairs of fluidic muscles in manipulator motion control

Categories Konferenz (reviewed)
Year 2012
Authors Schreiber, F.; Calabria, M.; Sklyarenko, Y.; Schumacher, W.; Schmitt, J.; Schlüter, K.; Raatz, A.
Published in 8. Internationales Fluidtechnisches Kolloquium, Dresden, Deutschland, 2012

In this paper a control structure and joint trajectory planning algorithm are presented for a type of kinematically redundant manipulator actuated by joints with pairwise antagonistic pneumatic muscles. The used muscles and the resulting behavior of a single manipulator joint featuring antagonistic muscles in a symmetric configuration are characterized. The joint limits resulting from the limited deflection of the pneumatic muscles can present a problem for the planning of the reference joint trajectories. An algorithm is presented to en-sure the joint limit avoidance in the redundancy resolution of the presented manipulator. Beside the distinct limits, the pneumatic joint actuation also results in a hysteretic behavior, it is shown that in this case the hysteresis can be described by a Preisach hysteresis model. The resulting hysteresis model allows the construction of a model-reference following con-troller, with a model control loop, designed for good tracking performance and a disturbance rejection loop optimized for suppression of disturbances. Experiments confirm the improve-ment in tracking control as compared to the system solely controlled by a feedback regulator.