A framework for the automated design and modelling of soft robotic systems

Automated Assembly of Hybrid Microsystems

Categories Konferenz
Year 2007
Authors Schöttler, Kerstin; Rathmann, Sven; Raatz, Annika; Hesselbach, Jürgen
Published in in: Proc. of 7th euspen International Conference, Bremen, 2007, 364 V2 - 367 V2

The paper describes the design of a system for the automated assembly of hybrid microsystems and the accuracies of the components. The influences on the accuracy will be analyzed on the basis of an example for an automated assembly process. While the object sizes reach centimeter range, they have to be assembled with an assembly accuracy of only a few micrometers. A relative positioning accuracy of 0.8 µm is reached in this process.

ISBN 978-0-9553082-2-2