Test results with a binary actuated parallel manipulator

Test results with a binary actuated parallel manipulator

Categories Konferenz (reviewed)
Year 2011
Authors Li, T.; Gu, H.; Conghui, L.; Carbone, G.; Ceccarelli, M.; Löchte, C.; Raatz, A.
Published in NaCoMM2011 - 15th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms, Narosa Publishing House, Madras, Chennai, Indien, 2011, pp. 8

This paper reports experimental results of a newly built BAPAMAN1 (Binary Actuated PArallel MANipulator). This is a 3-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) modular spatial parallel manipulator with low-cost and easy-operation design features. BAPAMAN1 is driven by SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) at its flexure joints. Several experimental tests have been carried out with the aims to validate the proposed mechanical design and to evaluate the practical operation performances and characteristics of the built prototype. Experimental results show that the tested prototype can perform eight binary configurations and it has a suitable reachable workspace for the prescribed applications.

ISBN 978-81-8487-192-0