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Reconfigurable Parallel Kinematic Structures for Spreading Requirements

Reconfigurable Parallel Kinematic Structures for Spreading Requirements

Categories Konferenz
Year 2009
Authors Schmitt, J.; Stechert, C.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.; Franke, H.-J.; Vietor, T.
Published in IASTED - Robotics and Applications, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2009

Shorter product life cycles and high demand fluctuations require modular and flexible production technologies. One approach to face this challenge are reconfigurable robotic systems. This contribution shows a systematic design methodology, based on spreading requirements, to identify machine parts and the possibilities of reconfiguration for parallel robots. The benefits of different reconfiguration options are shown by a workspace analysis of a 2-degree of freedom planar parallel mechanism. Considering a relational network of requirements that rely on specific use cases, the capability of a reconfigured parallel kinematic structure becomes apparent. A pick-and-place and assembly task, which can now be accomplished by the same robotic system is demonstrated finally to demonstrate the practicability.