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Size-Adapted Manipulation Robots for Microassembly

Size-Adapted Manipulation Robots for Microassembly

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Year 2011
Authors Ellwood, J.; Burisch, A.; Schöttler, K.; Pokar, G.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.
Published in Büttgenbach, S.; Burisch, A.; Hesselbach, J.: Design and Manufacturing of Active Microsystems, Springer, Microtechnology and MEMS series, Berlin u.a., 2011, pp. 269-286

In order to assembly the microactuators which have been presented, unique microassembly techniques, robots, and peripheral sensors are needed. It has also been observed that an imbalance between the everdecreasing product sizes to the size of currently implemented manipulators exists. These things as well as the large initial investment costs of such manipulators, have been the inspiration for new microassembly technologies. Here special emphasis is placed on two examples, one showing a size-adapted robot and the other extending this concept to a miniaturized design. Different considerations to obtain a repeatability on the order of 1 µm or better are presented. In the presentation of the size-adapted design, a special emphasis is placed on the integration of a three-dimensional vision sensor and resulting sensor-guided assembly control concept. The second robot discussed is a highly miniaturized robot designed for desktop factories. Here the high level of performance is obtained using miniaturized, backlash-free microgears. Further insight into the highly accurate microgears and their dynamic effects on the robot are covered.

ISBN 978-3-642-12902-5
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-12903-2_15