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A Mechanical Calibration Approach for Binary Parallel Robots

A Mechanical Calibration Approach for Binary Parallel Robots

Categories Konferenz (reviewed)
Year 2011
Authors Schütz, D.; Raatz, A.; Hesselbach, J.
Published in 13th World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM 2011), Guanajuato, Mexiko, 2011, A12_479

Cost is one of the most important factor for automated production. As there are many handling tasks in production which require only a few destination points, it is reasonable to utilize a low priced robot with a limited workspace. To accomplish such a task, a robot structure being driven by binary actuators and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) has been created. Due to the simplicity of this concept the workspace of such robots is discrete. To assure that the endeffector reaches the destination points with the needed accuracy, it is essential to calibrate the robot structure. This contribution deals with a mechanical calibration approach for binary parallel robots. In contrast to usual calibration techniques within the mechanical calibration process, the correction of the parameters must be done by adjusting the relative positions of the structure”™s components. A parameter correction inside of the robot control is not possible as there are no informations saved about the kinematics of the structure.