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Of the utmost precision: Cooperation with Siemens Healthineers

Of the utmost precision: Cooperation with Siemens Healthineers

High-tech made in Germany - and the match is part of it. For many years, there has been close cooperation between the Institute of Assembly Technology and Siemens Healthineers. This year, the focus of the collaboration was in the field of computed tomography.

Siemens Healthineers recently presented a quantum-counting computed tomograph and was nominated as one of three research teams for the German Future Prize 2021. This computed tomograph enables unprecedented image sharpness and extremely short image acquisition times. The new technology is made possible by single crystals of cadmium telluride, which convert X-rays directly into electrical signals. However, the material cannot be processed at will, so each computer tomograph must be assembled from sensors measuring only four cm². The precision required for this is a few micrometers so that a uniform image can still be obtained.

The match's flexible precision assembly system, at the heart of which is a Cartesian robot, enables automated assembly of production samples at the highest level and evaluation of the achievable accuracy. In addition to automated precision assembly, other research projects focus on adhesives and their applications. Manual processes are also used, especially when new approaches are being researched. Current developments in this area lead to more economical and flexible applications of UV-curing adhesives in combination with LED technology. In cooperation with Siemens Healthineers, the match has made an essential contribution to maintaining Germany as a high-tech location.

The collaboration continues and will contribute to new technologies in the coming years. The match congratulates the researchers of Siemens Healthineers for the nomination of the German Future Prize 2021!